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If you look at our faces, her face is almost like mine, only a little bit twisted in the direction of a cartoon. Bette Davis looks like me with toothache! I liked Узники славы - страница 13 Bette, she was great, but I could never do Baby Jane (The lead in movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”, 1962). I was a pretty lady, but she crossed the line into ugliness Узники славы - страница 13 and broke new ground.

ML: — Yes, she crossed the line. I was too timid to do that. I was tempted to do it many times, but I couldn’t. Maybe it wasn Узники славы - страница 13’t time yet; maybe I was not ready to take the next step, but Davis did. Yes, I envied her and I wanted to be like her, but it was impossible. After Узники славы - страница 13 all, we worked in different time periods. If I had crossed the line, I could have played 20 years longer, but I hesitated to break my image that America loved.

ML: — As a Узники славы - страница 13 result, I lost the game. They have forgotten me completely!

ML: — In my case, real life repeated the plot of “The Best Years of Our Lives” where heroes were dumped into the Узники славы - страница 13 mud. The former servicemen were let go and, suddenly, everyone was on his own. Of course, the story of the handicapped sergeant Homer Parish (embodied by Harold Russell, a real life double Узники славы - страница 13 amputee) was Hollywood’s hook, how to get the problem out and make the public feel for those who returned home from war handicapped.

ML: —At the Oscar race, we beat “It’s a Узники славы - страница 13 Wonderful Life” and we knew that we were not right. But look what happened to our competition over the time? They became the classic and we are forgotten.

T: The Узники славы - страница 13 creators of "The Best Years of Our Lives" (1946) gave Myrna’s character the diminutive name of Milly, as if to say, “Stay quiet, this film will be not about you!” William Wyler Узники славы - страница 13 played Homer Parish’s card! A real life double amputee was that something special that мейд the film unforgettable. The film was supposed to draw attention to people who had returned Узники славы - страница 13 from war crippled. It was a noble, humanitarian cause, but it crippled Myrna Loy’s career completely.

ML: — They quieted me in the quiet roles of “perfect wives”.

T: She was at the height of Узники славы - страница 13 her artistic abilities. Even now, critics like to write about the scene where Myrna Loy’s back starts lightly revealing that she knew that something important and surprising was happening at the Узники славы - страница 13 door. Her husband had returned home from the war!

That was all William Wyler allowed her to deliver, and critics kept apologizing for Wyler that he had not allowed her to do Узники славы - страница 13 more in the film. Sadly, that Oscar movie would glue “the quiet roles of the perfect wives” to Myrna Loy for the rest of her life on earth!

The problem Узники славы - страница 13 was that a war wife’s life was far from perfect. Even if a man survived the war, his wife would not get back the man she married. Today, when soldiers return from Iraq Узники славы - страница 13 their wives have similar problems. War wives got back men who carried in their souls nightmares they were not able to share with anyone but their former army buddies Узники славы - страница 13. Often they succumbed to drinking and their alienation grew, reaching the point of no return!

In “The Best Years of Our Lives”, Myrna Loy was in better form than ever before, fully ready Узники славы - страница 13 to embody the quiet tragedy of losing her husband to his friends and alcoholism. Regrettably, William Wyler took from her the greatest chance to shine. He found an easier way to Узники славы - страница 13 get to the Oscars by letting a high school sweetheart, a beauty, fell in love with a double amputee and concluding film with a traditional episode of a happy marriage. “Come on,” — is all Узники славы - страница 13 I can say!

It was the era when light comedy was losing its glitter. The last film of “The Thin Man” series, “The Song of the Thin Man”, was мейд Узники славы - страница 13 in 1947. “Citizen Kane” and “The Little Foxes” were мейд in 1941. “Casablanca” and “Double Indemnity” were both released in 1943. “The Best Years of Our Lives” was мейд in 1946, the same year as “The Bishop Узники славы - страница 13’s Wife”, and “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” graced the theaters in 1948. Hollywood was changing. “All About Eve” stunned the world in 1950 and, in 1951 “A Streetcar Named Desire” changed American movies Узники славы - страница 13 for good.

Hollywood matured, but Myrna Loy stood still hostage of Nora Charles screen image. Or was she held back by some power stronger than her personal will?

An answer came by Узники славы - страница 13 accident. As I was rushing across the living room into the garage to get my car, and a passing glance registered Pierce Brosnan’s frame on the TV screen in a “Mamma Узники славы - страница 13 Mia” commercial. Agent 007 was hopping in unison with a comedy crowd! “Is he short on cash for mortgage payments?” the bitter part of me was asking ironically, while backing the car on Узники славы - страница 13 the road. Why did Pierce Brosnan, the actor filled with such enthusiasm and the desire to work, look so out of place in whatever he did after his splendid embodiment of Agent 007 in Bond Узники славы - страница 13 films? Were Roger Moore and Sean Connery also victimized by the worldwide success of starring in 007 franchises?

Do not seek any logic in the success of these films. Logic and common Узники славы - страница 13 sense have nothing to do with their level of popularity. Before coming to this country, I was sure that in the Soviet Union the undivided love of 007 films stemmed from the fact that Узники славы - страница 13 they were never released for general movie theaters (out of both financial and ideological considerations).

However, after arriving in this country, I saw the same revealing enthusiasm in the eyes of Узники славы - страница 13 TV hosts when they announced screenings of 007 films on their channels. I live in the US over two decades, and during that time 007 stories are still present on television and in Узники славы - страница 13 movie theaters. Is this consistency the reason why the actors who have embodied James Bond have been marked in a strange and special way? Their James Bond images override their other roles. Pierce Узники славы - страница 13 Brosnan looked out of place in "Mrs. Doubtfire". His character was betraying his success as James Bond! And he was still the same James Bond in "The Thomas Crown Affair"! Sean Connery also Узники славы - страница 13 looks average in every other role except in role of 007. Over time, wild success of actors who played agent 007 has turned into a curse, or golden cage with the Узники славы - страница 13 door locked from outside by an invisible prison guard.

For instance, Michael Caine wrote about a strange turn in Roger Moore’s career, “Now he can't get a job.” Caine wrote it is in Узники славы - страница 13 1990, in other words, five years after Moore retired from his multiple embodiments of James Bond since 1973 to 1985.

Had something similar happened to Myrna Loy and William Powell after they enjoyed incredible Узники славы - страница 13 success in “The Thin Man” films? They presented an unfading love story of two people who managed to turn their daily existence into an everlasting holiday filled with laughter, beauty, and joy, most Узники славы - страница 13 importantly, with their never changing acceptance of each other’s faults, shortcomings, and mistakes. This everlasting and secure love was the diamond that every viewer desired! Would they allow the leading Узники славы - страница 13 actors as Nick and Nora to break the illusion of this everlasting love? Of course, William Powell starred in other comedies without Myrna Loy and Myrna Loy played “perfect wives Узники славы - страница 13” without William Powell. Being professionals, they were always more than good on the screen, but in the eyes of public, there were always "a little something" missing in these “other performances”.

As Узники славы - страница 13 Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan couldn’t break out of their golden cages neither could Myrna Loy and William Powell. They were prisoners of fame during their entire lives. In the end Узники славы - страница 13, William Powell settled for an early retirement and happy marriage away from Hollywood.

A last minute thought: what will happen, if we substitute metaphoric expression “golden cage” with the words “egregores” or Узники славы - страница 13 “group spirits”? In this case, we say that talented and successful actors who embodied archetypal characters couldn’t get rid of the almost deadly hold of their egregores built by the energy Узники славы - страница 13 of their success! In other words, these successful actors became prisoners of their fame — not metaphorically but literally.

When the actors who had already achieved status of gods and goddesses in eyes Узники славы - страница 13 of mass viewers agreed to star in “normal movies”, their screen images appeared to be bleak, as if robbed from their attractiveness — energy that мейд their images so irresistible. Do egregores Узники славы - страница 13 turn their favorites among actors into idols, icons, symbols by supplying their screen images with luster and magnetism? In the next book, the Scottish magician, clairvoyant and teacher Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki will explain Узники славы - страница 13 how it works in terms of inter dimensional energy exchange.

In this book Humphrey Bogart, William Powell, Bette Davis and Vladimir Vysotsky report on their meetings with their egregores, large thought Узники славы - страница 13 forms, built by their tremendous fame out of their fans’ negative energies. The basic features of these monstrous thought forms may surprise and sound unbelievable: independent existence, quasi-consciousness, constant search of food in Узники славы - страница 13 form of energy needed for prolongation their existence. Especially, quasi- consciousness! Having no God’s given sparkle in them, their consciousness is limited: it doesn’t feature love or compassion and Узники славы - страница 13 it is focused solely on their survival problems. They are always roaming in their space in search for food. However, so far is very little understanding how they make people to release Узники славы - страница 13 voluntarily energy, mostly negative energy consumed by egregores as they basic survival food.

Let’s recall what Ruth Montgomery told about spirit communication: “The exchange of information through mental thought forms is the Узники славы - страница 13 basis of any kind of spirit communication.”

In a spirit message she added: “I have to take some of your energy for creating a thought form of information that you Узники славы - страница 13 were asking for, however, I give you back what I took from you in way better quality, because my energy vibrates faster than energy on earth.”

When a movie fans offer their movie Узники славы - страница 13 idols their admiration, they send their energy to whom to idolized actor, or to his egregore, or to both? In exchange, fan receives fresh energy from enjoyable artistic performance. The quality of this Узники славы - страница 13 energy is higher than fan’s energy, and this makes the fan to return and ask for more of this kind of energy. For instance, this is the reason what Узники славы - страница 13 keeps alive 007 movie franchise over decades. Always hungry egregores make us return to theaters for a mouthful of “holy, high-vibrational energy” in films we like “unconditionally.” A mystical force inspires production of series Узники славы - страница 13, franchises, or appearances of beloved actors and actresses in genre films (John Wayne in cowboy films, Charlie Chaplin in physical comedies, and etc.) and these series, franchises and genre films create repeated Узники славы - страница 13 impact on public. A cowboy film with John Wayne in it will be always a cowboy film with John Wayne in it! Understanding how it works, doesn’t change me Узники славы - страница 13, the author of this film! I am not proud of it, but the next week, when the latest 007 movie, Skyfall will hit the theatres, celebrating 50 years of Bond movies entertaining people, I Узники славы - страница 13 will go to my nearest theater and enjoy the stupidest film there is, the Agent 007 adventures that have zilch connection to reality, and every thinkable connection to dream of being strong, free, admired Узники славы - страница 13 and absolutely infallible in every sense of this word!

O tempora, o mores! There were times when people sought in prayer the gulp of inspiration, and now we seek it in films of Узники славы - страница 13 Agent 007 and concerts, designed for mass audiences…

I have to take back my naïve suggestions that Myrna Loy was supposed to reinvent herself. I apologize humbly, hoping that my apology Узники славы - страница 13 will be accepted.

Yes, Myrna’s star status ended in the ’40’s, but it never faded. She enjoyed unparalleled success during her acting career, but she also experienced the opposite. Maybe this is Узники славы - страница 13 why she is ready to become an actress again in her upcoming incarnation. I wish her well. Myrna Loy deserves the best.

The Transition

ML: —When I died I heard a bang, a Узники славы - страница 13 metal bang against a large, round platter as a bell in the movie “King-Kong”. And suddenly, instead of being on my sick bed, I was in a different dimension and Vivien Узники славы - страница 13 Leigh met me first. Then, I met my folks and various actors who went before me. Cary Grant guided me to a film set. They greeted me as a Узники славы - страница 13 star, I was a young girl invited to join them in the film world again. We had such fun and we recalled the times of the silent movies. That was a lifetime that helped me Узники славы - страница 13 to achieve, whatever it was I achieved in Hollywood.

Love — the Gift of Universe

March 21, 2004

T: — I see you in a blue-violet evening gown with a stripe over one Узники славы - страница 13 shoulder. It excludes a mysterious light — something silvery. Terrific!

ML: — Yes, probably, I look my best now. On earth, I had never a chance to pamper myself so much, as now Узники славы - страница 13. Here I can spend so much time on an Oscar show as I want, so long until I’m full of it, and I will choose to do something else.

T: — Once Узники славы - страница 13 you told that in your next lifetime you would like to become an actress again, do you still want it?

ML: —My beginning in Hollywood was great and there is nothing to talk Узники славы - страница 13 about. Dramatic things started to happen when I became a star and gave up my career to my stupid husbands, one worse than the other. I invented them and lost everything Узники славы - страница 13. You were not married and you lost everything as well.

I came to the conclusion that losing it is the only right thing to do on earth because we are meant to lose. We Узники славы - страница 13 lose the battle to aging, to bodily death, and we lose interest in each other. We cannot avoid any of it. Bodily death is threatening but it doesn’t count. We will die Узники славы - страница 13 and we will resurrect, we are destined to die and to wake up a thousand times before our consciousness truly starts to wake up. When it does, we see lost time Узники славы - страница 13, lost opportunities, and lost trust! Do you do what you are supposed to do? Yes, you do! If you are supposed to suffer, this is what you do. If you love to Узники славы - страница 13 suffer, this is what you do. The key word is ‘love’. You get what you love.

Okay, how did I learn to love to be “the perfect wife” — in other words, to be Узники славы - страница 13 a perfect actress? Well, well, well, where do we start? Hollywood was my seventh incarnation as an actress. Reminiscences of pertinent lifetimes were given me in Hollywood. In my movie roles Узники славы - страница 13, I moved from 'recalling' one incarnation after another in order to restore connections to them and retrieve my knowledge, skills, and energy from those past lives.

T: —Do you want to give any Узники славы - страница 13 story about restoring connections to your past life experiences as an actress/actor?

ML: —Okay! An old woman at age 65 is banging on the theater’s closed doors. This Узники славы - страница 13 old woman is a superstar and she is banging on the doors in darkness at night, but all the doors are closed. It is raining, she cannot get inside. She gets drenched, she catches Узники славы - страница 13 cold, and she dies… but you are only 16. You come only to the second act and you see her, the star at age 65, a small thing with gray hair and a Узники славы - страница 13 bunch of roses on the stage in Culver City at a distance. Soon after that you hear about her death in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For some reason you cannot forget her, because in her story Узники славы - страница 13, you see your own future — your own life at age 65. You know that your premonition will come true! In a sense, it was like initiation: she, on the stage, not Узники славы - страница 13 knowing it, was the initiator, a priestess, who invited me over, and gave me the invisible crown of a superstar and went from Culver City to Pittsburgh to die.

I will Узники славы - страница 13 not talk much about Duse. That image of an old woman clapping against the walls of a dead theatre is an image of heartlessness to me. I did not find this image in my past Узники славы - страница 13 incarnations, but somehow I carried it through my life on earth. It appears in “Best Years of Our Lives.” Watch the film again and you will find it; it Узники славы - страница 13 was created by my advice. Of course it was a premonition of my future and it came to pass.

You were knocking for ten years on the closed doors, closed doors, closed doors. For Узники славы - страница 13 me, the door finally went open when I died, not earlier and not on the earth: doors of compassion, understanding, warmth, friendship and true camaraderie, together with love, and hope and beauty.

T Узники славы - страница 13: — What forces are supporting those souls who have to be in Hollywood?

ML: — No one does it on your own… On earth, money rules the life. The ability to earn money Узники славы - страница 13 is the measure of success… The purpose of life is narrowed down to ability to earn. I earned, I was a success, and I lost it, and, in a way, this Узники славы - страница 13 was good, because it granted me the support on this side. I don’t know… Maybe the success can be determined by how much you are loved by people, or rather, how Узники славы - страница 13 much you can love them, and not only good people necessarily. Success is how much love you can share… I would say that this is success…

T: — How the success is measured in Узники славы - страница 13 spirit world, elaborate on this, please?

ML: — It is measured by the lightness of the soul. The lighter you are in the spiritual sense the better… Regrettably, too much ladies come here Узники славы - страница 13 with such a baggage of pain that their souls are heavy as stones and they become a problem for too many angels, as we call it!

T: — How to become spiritually light Узники славы - страница 13?

ML: — Be open and the knowledge what to do will come to you.

T: — What are the consequences of being a failure in spirit world?

ML: — To be put at Узники славы - страница 13 sleep at the wonderful time between the incarnations, when one can learn, enjoy, travel, to project…

T: — What do you mean saying “to project”?

ML: — To be part of artistic community and Узники славы - страница 13 project images, roles, artistic work that can show the way on earth. True success in spirit world… means leaving behind the reincarnation wheel…

T: — Does a spirit world exist in reality, or it Узники славы - страница 13 exists only in our imagination?

ML: — We live in a complex spirit world. You may deny our existence, or believe in it, you may love or hate us ‒ it doesn’t matter. We Узники славы - страница 13 are reality — an objective reality, and we are much more important reality than you think we are.


In a couple of days I had a sudden meeting with spirit of Bette Davis, a Узники славы - страница 13 Hollywood brightest star. Somehow she knew that Myrna Loy had spoken about her many times.

BD: — I loved always Myrna Loy, and what did happen to her, was a terrible warning Узники славы - страница 13 sign to me. Do not wait on mercy in Hollywood, do not expect them to understand how talented you are, or how different and unique your talent is in comparison with other Узники славы - страница 13 stars. Some can handle this situation, some don’t. I could bear being called a monster, but tender, sensitive, intelligent and fine actress Myrna Loy couldn’t stand it.

In your story, there Узники славы - страница 13 I found her recollection about her relationship with talented and well-connected Minna Wallis, and in my biography you read about her brother, the legendary producer Hal Wallis, who bought Узники славы - страница 13 for me Jezebel, Dark Victory, Juarez, The Letter; he brought screenplays for films like High Sierra, Maltese Falcon, Sergeant York, Waterfront, Casablanca , Becket, the strong of films for Elvis Presley.

Myrna Loy Узники славы - страница 13’s smart husband (Arthur Hornblow) мейд her drop Minna Wallis and switch to a money-oriented agent. Would her career be different, if she would stay with most intelligent and influential Hollywood people Узники славы - страница 13? As we do not know the answer to this question, it brings us to another question what to do if God gives you a “smart” husband? I was also blessed with Узники славы - страница 13 the one, but I was lucky not to have him on my way in Hollywood, he was pursuing a career in music business.

Yes, she had it. She reached the border line in Узники славы - страница 13 Thin Man films, with good partner, as William Powell was. I understand what you want me to say, but I cannot say it. Hollywood produced masculine films where women played Узники славы - страница 13 supportive role. With the talent she had she was able to break through, but she did not, she was not ready for this thing. That’s it. Next time she will…

A story, told Узники славы - страница 13 by Bette Davis in book Bette Davis: A personal Biography explains what she had in mind commenting on Myrna Loy situation. It was year 1934, Bette Davis was starring in film Узники славы - страница 13 “Fog Over Frisco”. She wrote:

“I thought that “Fog Over Frisco” was an interesting script, and I loved my part. But I still hadn’t forgotten “Bondage” (“Off Human Bondage”, 1934)

“I spent six months Узники славы - страница 13 on Mr. Jack Warner’s doorstep, arriving in the morning with the shoeshine boy and manicurist. I begged, cajoled, implored, even threatened. Faced with a nervous breakdown because of my presence, he said Узники славы - страница 13, ‘Yes! Yes! Anything to get rid of you. I’m so sick of listening to you, go ruin yourself.’ By then, he believed I really was the terrible Mildred Узники славы - страница 13.”

Needless to say, that the role of “terrible Mildred,” a cockney waitress, did not ruin Bette Davis career, but by overcoming the stereotype of having a blonde beauty for leading character, the role Узники славы - страница 13 of Mildred broke completely new ground for female characters in Hollywood.

Studio Pet or a Creator

March 1, 20009

T: —Why you didn’t attempt to break out of being typecast as perfect wife? The Узники славы - страница 13 myth of perfect wife was already dead when they мейд you to embody it over and over again!

M: —Something goes down here. In a sense, I remained the ‘studio pet’—we all were Узники славы - страница 13. Marilyn Monroe was a pet and Jimmy Stewart was a pet as well. Katharine Hepburn, our ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, мейд herself useful in other ways. She was a genius, but she also had Узники славы - страница 13 a terrible character, strong enough to buy her freedom on the screen. There were many films that were done on her own money and she knew how to get her money back Узники славы - страница 13.

She was not a studio pet, but she мейд pets out of others and brought new quality to the Hollywood game. I danced through my roles in the movies Узники славы - страница 13, but she was ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ and because of her character limitations, it led to her terrible end. She experienced a loneliness that you cannot begin to imagine. Don’t compare any of us to Узники славы - страница 13 her. She literally burned twice or three times her bridges in her private life. And, one day, when she needed them, she did not have them. She was done on earth, but God Узники славы - страница 13 did not want her to come home yet. Instead, she was мейд to stay on earth to handle her own past. None of us can endure the pain she did, day Узники славы - страница 13-by-day, at her end. I am not sure that any living person should be exposed to such self-limitation and self-humiliation in the name of the message that she had Узники славы - страница 13 to deliver.

Actually I loved her in spite of hating her. Over the years we shared the same lover, Spenser Tracy. It is your problem how you are going to write about that Узники славы - страница 13, but it is a must. If you say A, learn to proceed up to Z.

So long as we are here, we feel the need to straighten our records because we remember Узники славы - страница 13 everything and we are tormented by our past, and this torment causes us to go back and try it all over again. I was offended by the Academy receiving Узники славы - страница 13 my honorary Oscar. It was my last public appearance and they dropped me immediately after I received the award—that dull golden statuette!

T: Myrna Loy received an Academy Honorary Award in Узники славы - страница 13 1991 ‘for her career achievement’. She accepted the award via camera from her New York home, making only a short acceptance speech of, “You’ve мейд me very happy. Thank you very much.” It Узники славы - страница 13 was her last public appearance as her health was failing. She would die in December, 1993.

ML: — The golden cage closed on me and I was left to contemplate my true situation: my Узники славы - страница 13 entire life, my mistakes, my unhappy marriages, and my achievements. In other words, that Academy Awards ceremony started my life review a couple of years before my death. This early life review had its Узники славы - страница 13 positive side, as it мейд transition easier, and it bettered my after-death situation tremendously in comparison with many other stars, especially those who had died unexpectedly from overdose. But Узники славы - страница 13 that review revealed things. I still am not ready to face my future. I am stuck in my past and I am asking you to help me to release it entirely Узники славы - страница 13.

T: All I can do is to write this chapter asking myself a rhetorical question: can on earth be developed environment in which a talent will produce freely vibrations of love, beauty Узники славы - страница 13, and harmony, instead of building monstrous willpower for delivering the talent’s artistic message?

It is a naïve question, I know. I will finish Myrna Loy afterlife story with another naïve Узники славы - страница 13 question: what for has God given some people talent, for developing strong drive and monstrous will power for digging the ground in which the talent can blossom, or, skipping digging, for artistic work Узники славы - страница 13 to better the world?



An Old Woman is Banging on a Closed Door

“… In a sense, it was like an initiation — she, on the stage, not knowing it, was the initiator Узники славы - страница 13, a priestess, who invited me over, and gave me the invisible crown of a superstar and went from Culver City to Pittsburgh to die. I will not talk much about Узники славы - страница 13 Duse.”


In the Soviet Union I hadn’t information about the actress Duse. Searching for confirmation I was excited to find in Wikipedia article about actress Eleonore Duse (1858-1924). Eleonore Duse died from pneumonia at Узники славы - страница 13 age 65 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in hotel Schenley while on the eastward return leg of a tour of the United States. Her body was returned to Italy, where another funeral ceremony was held.

William Узники славы - страница 13 Powell (1892-1984)

William Powell speaks about meeting his son in afterlife.

In his second message he describes his egregore and mental body

I Found My Son and Asked Why?

August 26, 2009

William Powell: —Hello Узники славы - страница 13, my name is William Powell. I know you consider me a decent actor who knows his trade. I think this is true of me as well.

I had a good Узники славы - страница 13 time making films with Myrna Loy, who — now as strange as it sounds — was my real wife. Unfortunately, the marriage was not meant to be because we kept our space clean and Узники славы - страница 13 sacred in order to work together. A physical marriage would’ve destroyed our partnership fast and been quicksand to our careers. We knew we were put on earth to entertain, not to play the Узники славы - страница 13 role of the happy, married couple.

They write about me that I know every trick of the trade as a comedian, and I do. Here, in the land that you call 'heaven', we Узники славы - страница 13 see our past incarnations and I can tell you for sure that Hollywood is not where I learned my trade. There is not time to learn anything on Hollywood sets. On Узники славы - страница 13 set is where we have to show our capabilities. You are supposed to give two times what you are expected to give because you have to make them admire you day Узники славы - страница 13 after day, year after year, until they squeeze out every performance they could from you. Eventually, the day comes when they compare you to a used pasta tube, and they substitute you Узники славы - страница 13 with some younger pasta tube that no one has squeezed yet. Of course, you are the last one to know your time us up and you wonder why you stopped spilling miracles Узники славы - страница 13 on their tables.

I paid the price for my talent. I lost two wives and my son, whom I loved dearly, to my trade. I am a Leo and we love Узники славы - страница 13 our children to death. I can sense this in you as well. You love your son, that bastard… He is on his way back… You saved yourself and you saved him … by Узники славы - страница 13 choosing to live alone in a modest apartment.

I died of a heart attack and the first thing I did was finding my son and asking him why? Why didn’t you ask Узники славы - страница 13 for my help? Drugs were already used widely in Hollywood, but kept a secret.

I couldn’t imagine that my son was buying drugs and that he was in debt and Узники славы - страница 13 afraid to tell me about his addiction. I could’ve paid off his debts easily. He was an addict and I did nothing. I was busy and I did not know and I did not Узники славы - страница 13 see what was going on with him. No one told me anything.

Which is more important, a person’s personal or professional life? I can see that this problem destroys Узники славы - страница 13 the private life of every person who comes to talk to you. The Russian guy, the poet, he could barely breathe from the guilt over abandoning his sons. He did what he had to Узники славы - страница 13 do and marry a particular famous woman to save his life and career, or at least to postpone the inevitable end.

Tanika: William Powell talks about Russian superstar Vladimir Vysotsky Узники славы - страница 13 who divorced his wife, Lydmila Abramova, the mother of his two sons, Arkady and Nikita, in order to marry French actress Marina Vladi.

WP: — Of course, Vysotsky was killed by the Узники славы - страница 13 KGB. It is no ethical and ridiculous to question this. How long Vysotsky would be allowed to run and wiggle? And Elvis Presley’s private life! America knows his story by heart. Clark Gable, Marlene Узники славы - страница 13 Dietrich, Cary Grant, who else? In a sense all stars face it sooner or later… I am no different.

I was a master of physical comedy and had to Узники славы - страница 13 be in shape. I did physical comedy as long as my body played along.

Will I continue? Of course, I will. A real entertainer cannot have any personal life as long as Узники славы - страница 13 he or she is in the business. This fact is hard to accept. Today, Hollywood’s frenzy over their children is wrong: it’s a false and insincere attempt to cover up a lack Узники славы - страница 13 of true star power and human content in today’s films.

The heart has left Hollywood and it has to return because no art form can live on box office numbers alone. There Узники славы - страница 13 it is — the heart! I enjoyed the movie “Brüno” immensely. Sasha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius! He is still carrying his Russian name, yeah! He is a Узники славы - страница 13 Russian soul, murdered in the twenties in Saint Petersburg. He was a Jewish actor in Meyerhold’s Theater, check it out! Meyerhold’s Proletkult Theater in Moscow! Around here, they tell me Узники славы - страница 13 that Sasha, in his Russian incarnation, stood for humanness and was taken out by hired hooligans. They want me to put phrase ego zakazali in your head. I can see that you understand it! If Узники славы - страница 13 you have time, look up the Proletkult Theater. There was an actor named Sasha! In this lifetime, he wants to have the same name. In “Brüno” , up here they say Узники славы - страница 13 that you can see traces of that special sharp, teasing, bold style, transferred straight from Meyerhold’s Proletcult Theater, the Russian Vanguard of the ‘20s, and Mayakovsky’s stage pieces.

Yes, from Узники славы - страница 13 here I will go for more complicated acting and directing. I really honed my skills on light stuff and it is time for me to work on deeper layer of Узники славы - страница 13 my art. I am reading Tolstoy up here. He is a great writer. I have learned to enjoy him already, but at first I was unable to concentrate at all. Now my concentration Узники славы - страница 13 is better. Next, I will read Dostoyevsky. I was told that I will not reach the level I desire without studying Chekhov and Dostoyevsky. In Hollywood, we were trained to work Узники славы - страница 13 on contrasts of black and white. Russians do the same, but sometimes they leave some room for thinking as well. I am not bribing you. You are sent here to learn work hard Узники славы - страница 13. I see that is difficult for you. On the other хэнд, you have no problems digesting Dostoyevsky’s novels one after another. You enjoy and admire his world.

I liked Myrna Узники славы - страница 13. She was my great love. I could not play with other leading actresses, no matter who they were or how good they were. Irene Dunne was so good and , yet, so wrong Узники славы - страница 13 for me!

Give my thanks to Hollywood for everything — for good days, the glory days, the not so good days. And the days of sadness. It мейд me a workhorse and now I can Узники славы - страница 13 refine my art in Russia. I will work with astounding folks, like Nemerovich-Danchenko, Stanislavsky and Meyerhold (the same Meyerhold who мейд Sasha Baron Cohen who he is in his present incarnation Узники славы - страница 13.)

For God’s sake, in his previous lifetime, Sasha Baron Cohen knew Alexander Block. He rubbed shoulders with poets who were part of the so-called Silver Era of Russian poetry Узники славы - страница 13. He was revolutionary, but he was also intelligent and refused to deal with politics any more than necessary to advance a play. Now he is in film and sometimes he utters words Узники славы - страница 13 that no one can understand or pronounce, like actors did in the last century, inventing new words and expressions.