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Spontaneously, who knows why, my thoughts switched to Vietnam. Before I know it my guide and I were in Hanoi. A jip was waiting for us at the airport, while taking our seats in the Узники славы - страница 9 car, my guide said to me, “Forget these guys in Columbia. They were innocent victims murdered for false identity as soldiers of a rival gang. They do not know any English Узники славы - страница 9, forget them, they will be taken care of by a local team... I have another job for you to perform on souls who still sit in a Vietnam morose jungle forgotten by God Узники славы - страница 9 himself. They are a couple of deserters who lost their way in the thick of the jungle catching a helicopter, according to their agreement with the pilot.”

They were Узники славы - страница 9 short less than a quarter of mile from their goal, when their destiny caught up with them… Their conscience was awakening and they started feeling awful for running away and leaving worrying Узники славы - страница 9 friends behind who searched for them in that terrible unbearable jungle with its moist heat, poisonous snakes and indescribable insects… Running away they believed boyishly that getting a couple of government guys to spend Узники славы - страница 9 in full ammunition a half of a day in jungle would end the war. This was what they believed in.

Being already out of body, they found the helicopters’ landing pad Узники славы - страница 9 literally some steps away from the spot where they had died from complete exhaustion. It was their guilt that did not allow them to see the path toward destination and did not recognize the Узники славы - страница 9 helicopter’s noise, and make thousands little missteps that guided them toward their demise… They were still waiting for their helicopter, since that time when they died. In their hearts, they Узники славы - страница 9 were war protesters. At the beginning, as I looked at them, to me it was not clear what they wanted to achieve. Maybe they wanted to run to Canada.

We started talking. They Узники славы - страница 9 took me for the pilot, and asked for helicopter, where was it? To cut long story short, my guide and me, we had to create a helicopter out of Узники славы - страница 9 our imagination, because our charges wouldn’t leave jungle under any other condition. But this is not why I am telling you this story.

When we were “flying” out of jungle toward the Vietnam Узники славы - страница 9 War vet’s rehabilitation center, my guide and I discovered that we had a real problem on our hands. Our passengers refused to acknowledge that they were dead. The jungle had Узники славы - страница 9 eaten their bodies completely, and I was left without any “proof” to show them that they were dead. Grabbing for their automatic weapon they demanded that our “helicopter” will turn to Canada and Узники славы - страница 9 land there… They were ready to fight for the ending of the Vietnam War, and they assumed that Canada would be the right place for founding an international movement to end the war Узники славы - страница 9 in Vietnam.

Finally I talked them into going to a theater where I showed them movie North by Northwest. Finally, they мейд a connection; they saw me for what Узники славы - страница 9 I was supposed to be for them — Carry Grant.

However, instead of considering me a trusted helper, because, obviously, I had nothing to gain by cheating, lying or exposing them as deserters, they interpreted Узники славы - страница 9 the fact of my presence differently. With suspicion in their voices, they asked what the hell I was doing in Vietnam and how I found them in jungle.

Then it hit me Узники славы - страница 9: they saw themselves as political fighters who would be chased by some important guys from corresponding institutions! Fight against the war was their only excuse that justified their betrayal and instead Узники славы - страница 9 of giving up these excuses, they clang to them. Fight against the war kept them feeling great, noble and righteous. If they would give it up, what they would be left with Узники славы - страница 9 — the truth of being cowards who betrayed their comrades, country, code of honor, God, themselves…

We continued talking: step by step the truth came to them. One of them, I am sorry, I forgot Узники славы - страница 9 his name, turned his weapon onto himself and started shooting in fast rounds. He was shooting and shooting himself, and finally the fact that he still was fine and not dying Узники славы - страница 9 convinced him that he was dead… He did not know what to do next. He was at the end of the rope. He would like to shoot me as well Узники славы - страница 9, but he already learned that shooting doesn’t help in afterlife. He was crushed, completely crushed and lost. The thought of forgiving himself was still foreign to him.

I was lost as well. I could Узники славы - страница 9 see that my usual tool, laughter, cannot help them at present moment.

It turned to be a gay couple, a white and a black guy… They sat motionlessly leaning against Узники славы - страница 9 the helicopter мейд out of my imagination.

After a while we started talking again, and then surfaced the next defense layers — pride, deeply buried conviction, the base of character, that they Узники славы - страница 9 are better than Vietnamese or Chinese or Japanese… or Africanize… Gradually our conversation stripped them from their lies, and finally, they realized that they had no place to go — no homeland, no nation Узники славы - страница 9, no family, or country. And before I knew it — I will never know how it jumped out of my mouth, I said to them: “Accept my invitation to become a trainee Узники славы - страница 9 for rescue work like this one. You will meet people, victims of false pride, false ideas, like yours, and learn to rescue them and make your way into higher worlds. If you earn your wings Узники славы - страница 9, higher worlds will greet you…

That is all I wanted to say: stop lying to yourself, seek the truth, accept the truth about yourself despite the fact that in Узники славы - страница 9 most cases, it is not an easy matter — to face honestly who you truly are. However, going through this, you will find your love, nation, country, the only place you need in the entire universe Узники славы - страница 9 — a place where you will be loved and understood for what you are… not for what you think you are…

Then they were taken to Vietnam War Veterans’ rehabilitation facility and I Узники славы - страница 9 was taken to a hospital, to a special unit which dealt with infections that may occur in thin world as well. I was kept there following three months, and Узники славы - страница 9 when I was released, they were gone from Veterans facility and I lost track of them.

T: — What for the Special Unit needed so much time for observation? Do souls get also sick as Узники славы - страница 9 we in our heavy bodies?

CG: — I am afraid to go into medical and anatomical details, as I am not enough knowledgeable in this area. I can talk only about my Узники славы - страница 9 experience. During my stay in hospital, a patient told a story about a soul damaged beyond repair and put asleep for eons. However, in that hospital I saw various cases, some matched earthy Узники славы - страница 9 deceases, and some represented deceases beyond our earthy experience. I could catch infection from Columbia corpses. As I mentioned before, in the moist heat these corpses started deteriorate almost immediately Узники славы - страница 9 after becoming ones.

I had already some holes in me when I ducked stumbling at my shooters’ corpse. Of course, I moved away, but the contact did last some seconds, and it was enough… to Узники славы - страница 9 provoke suspicion that I might have picked up infection. In hospital I was given a complete scientific insight about the bacterial life circle, a wealth of fresh information, more Узники славы - страница 9 than I could remember. Besides, during that lecture, a different aspect of that experience started to invade my mind: what for I had that whole experience. Pictures of Ancient Egypt started to pop up in Узники славы - страница 9 my mind. Suddenly it became easy to time travel into past and look around at the place where I was buried alive. What for I was buried alive? Why I had Узники славы - страница 9 never ever posed that question before? Why was I, in a way, again buried alive in that bubble? It echoed my work with Marlene, when she asked to help her Узники славы - страница 9 to descend into her past in ancient Egypt. During that experiment tons of past hurts, tensions, anger and irritation was released. However, I learned that some fears were still there! It was the particular pattern Узники славы - страница 9 of my fears that kept duplicating situations that reminded me of being buried alive.

My practical mind was seeking a way to get these fears out of my system. I forced myself Узники славы - страница 9 to look at my problems objectively. The decision was to put more heart into my work in order to suck out my fears via compassion. Compassion, if it is a real one Узники славы - страница 9, is a good dirt sucker out of your mental body… I hope it is a piece of ultimate truth: compassion toward sinners will release some of your dirt… So Узники славы - страница 9, the couple of deserters had also something important to teach me, a rescuer — to find the seed of compassion in my heart! Wait a minute, I started to recall what for I Узники славы - страница 9 was sentenced to be buried alive in ancient Egypt, but I will tell it some other time. I was charged with ideas — partially false ideas, partially ideas too far ahead of time Узники славы - страница 9 in order to be accepted.



The Prisoner of Fame

The entire chapter “Prisoner of Fame” was channeled in February 1999, years before I learned about the problem of mental thought forms, group spirits, vital Узники славы - страница 9 beings, and egregores.


Cary Grant speaks about the materialization of his fame-related problems. In other words, he speaks about thought forms that took shape of stone walls on mental level and surrounded Узники славы - страница 9 him creating the need ‘to de-stone’ himself — to get rid of these ‘stone walls’.


Tuesdays at Ethel Rowe’s Home

During a spirit circle at Ethel’s home, Cary Grant Узники славы - страница 9 tells that when the time comes to deliver blind readings, I will give a reading for Ethel and she will give a reading for me. This promise, мейд by the spirit, was Узники славы - страница 9 fulfilled. Spirit spoke through me to Ethel and through Ethel to me.


Ethel did not like me and did not trust me. She was a real republican and considered presence people, who Узники славы - страница 9 defected from the Soviet Union, to be the result of Dem games. I was never offered a cup of coffee or invitation to talk to her privately. I had not the Узники славы - страница 9 slightest knowledge about Ethel’s private life and her eating habits and Ethel hadn’t the slightest interest in the character of mine. We both received sensible messages that revealed Узники славы - страница 9 Spirit’s ability to get compelling information from us. One more detail: Appearing after her death in spirit, besides regret of not recognizing Grant’s presence she said also, “I came to apologize. I failed Узники славы - страница 9 to recognize you for what you really were. I am sorry.” I reassured her that I am thankful for allowing me to learn from her. I added that attending her spirit Узники славы - страница 9 circle I was never left out or hurt. We had a-heart-to-heart conversation: the political angle of her attitude toward me was completely gone. We parted on most friendly Узники славы - страница 9 terms.


Finding Dignity

”What about waking up in a lake of an elephant’s smelly water, looking for a shower, not finding it, and winding up urinating in the same lake of the Узники славы - страница 9 elephant’s water? What do you say about my dignity in that wagon? Did I lose it, or I find it there? Did I find dignity in that lake Узники славы - страница 9 of shame because it мейд me look for dignity the rest of my life?”


Regrettably, I have not found confirmation to this quite spectacular story. I hope to hear from the person who had Узники славы - страница 9 heard Cary Grant retelling this story to some of his friends.


Piano Class

”One day, you will learn that, on earth, I considered the piano to be my Узники славы - страница 9 best friend.”


Cary Grant’s fan sites validated this information with numerous photos showing Cary Grant playing piano.


The Message from Cary Grant on September 10, 2001

“A comment only: pay attention! Tomorrow, in New Узники славы - страница 9 York, there will be explosions. Nobody is here to talk, everybody is out there working already — someone has to be saved.”


Do not need any confirmation as ‘tomorrow’ happened Узники славы - страница 9 to be 9/11, a date we’ll never forget.


A friend of mine asked me to contact her mother who died... a couple of hours ago! Despite my doubts Узники славы - страница 9 the contact took place. For me, as a medium, everything happened effortlessly: by an invisible force I was taken to the astral ‘copy’ of Moscow where the deceased found herself immediately after her Узники славы - страница 9 death.


Natasha C, the lady who called me in a couple of hours after her mother’s death, later sent me an e-mail that confirmed that sometimes medium can get information about Узники славы - страница 9 the soul’s journey into unknown almost immediately after the person’s death. The following letter is not a solicited review of the reading in question. It was sent as an unsolicited e Узники славы - страница 9-mail.

"You accurately described my mother’s appearance, including the short curly hair pulled back, a scarf she used to wear around her neck, the way how she stopped at the Узники славы - страница 9 threshold (when she was guided to light), turned back to the guides and started thanking them profusely in an old-fashioned way — my mother had that exaggerated way of thanking people. There Узники славы - страница 9 is no way you could have known that. She was a biology teacher in the past, an atheist. You said during the reading she was afraid to go toward the Узники славы - страница 9 light fearing that the light and the heat were coming from a Nazi crematorium and that they were going to burn her alive. The theme of World War II, Nazi invasion and Узники славы - страница 9 concentration camps has always been the subject of conversation as I was growing up. My mother was a Holocaust survivor in Russia. She was a teenager at the time of the war, living in Moscow Узники славы - страница 9. She and her mother lived through German air raids, then were evacuated to Kazakhstan (further east away from the battlefields where they lived through disease and famine.) So the subject Узники славы - страница 9 of war and suffering has always been on her mind. She often spoke about it. You accurately described her mannerisms as well.

Thank you again for being there for us in Узники славы - страница 9 our moment of grief and for bringing her through. This is an invaluable gift to me.

In love and gratitude,

Natasha Cooper

Andrei Tarkovsky (1932 – 1986)

Я увидел сияние. Сияние, ледяная гора… Я скользил, скользил Узники славы - страница 9...

To Melt the Ice Glaciers

11 ноября 2010

Рассказ Тарковского перекликается с сообщением Кэри Гранта о стенках застывшей энергии, которые обступили его в послесмертии. После перехода Тарковский увидел, по его словам “ледяные стенки”, которые Узники славы - страница 9 ему предстоит каким-то образом “растопить либо растаять”.

Гласит Андрей Тарковский

11 ноября 2010

Т: — What happened when you died?

АТ: — It was lung cancer what got me. At the end, Marina Vladi1 paid my Узники славы - страница 9 hospice bills2. However my folks haven’t paid off her expenses so far. At that time no one could imagine how demanding and difficult the life was at West. At that time Узники славы - страница 9, we thought that westerners lived in paradise. However, I know that one of my sons or grandsons will help her, because my grandson has my character. He will make it to the top Узники славы - страница 9.

АТ: — I saw incredible light… I cannot talk… A radiance and an ice mountain… I was sliding, skidding and skidding along… I cannot continue today... We will talk another time about the Узники славы - страница 9 ice mountain that I have to melt somehow. We will melt ice that has covered mountains and their alpine peaks. If I do not complete this self-imposed task, my upcoming incarnation will occur Узники славы - страница 9 in some mountain region resembling the Caucasian mountains from where my grandparents managed to broke away. …You see, how much time I need to find in you the strings Узники славы - страница 9 which do not make you understand me, but at least, make you hear what I am saying to you.

Т: — Right now I hear quite clearly, вдогонку орал мне пастух… — and “after me Узники славы - страница 9 a herder was shouting…”

АТ: — You heard the voice of my father3. We all will meet again in England. A lot of my sins have been forgiven because of my movie “Andrei Узники славы - страница 9 Rublev”4, but not all. The icon5 demands sacrifices, great sacrifices. Today you cannot understand it, but you have been brought into the world of Rublev’s TRINITY by your Indian friends. They did Узники славы - страница 9 it in order to tie you into your Russian destiny in future. Yukteswar performed a miracle, be thankful to him in your soul, he tied you to your destiny, go Узники славы - страница 9 to Russian church more often.

My afterlife destiny carries some similarity to Cary Grant’s destiny. It seems that he had disappeared, but, as a matter of fact, he did not. You do not Узники славы - страница 9 know that you are helping him, because together you are continuously saving earthbound souls. He had almost balanced out his stone walls that are torturing me for the same reason Узники славы - страница 9, as his walls were torturing him. My walls were icy and cold.

As a young filmmaker I was not prepared to meet the nightmare of being idolized and adored, and everything I Узники славы - страница 9 did went wrong. I should not allow the fans’ adoration interfere with my private life. But how do to shield privacy from fans’ pressure? So far, almost no one has succeeded to avoid completely Узники славы - страница 9 the pressure from fans. However, out there are talents who managed to shield their private lives from intrusions of fans.

I was not only sharp toward people, I was intolerant. I was Узники славы - страница 9 intolerant toward Soviet way of life, its rudeness, readiness to serve time, adjust to everything. However, I was not able to carry this intolerance through my entire life on earth. We all Узники славы - страница 9 were not ready to face life that was awaiting us. I see, to what extent you were not ready to face your life. My judgment of you, your presence and your role Узники славы - страница 9 in my life was completely off 6.

My intolerance lifted me on the pedestal of inaccessibility and isolated from others with a shield of a genius. Russian genius without decent pants and Узники славы - страница 9 in torn shirt without buttons! Maybe, not touched by permanent drunkenness, to certain extent…

Т: — In what condition did you find your mental body after your transition? If there were some Узники славы - страница 9 problems what sort of feelings were the perpetrators?

АТ: — Irritations and envy. It may sound strange, but… envy was there, because of the wish to do as others were doing. To be like everyone else Узники славы - страница 9 was … I was ashamed of my poverty. It was such an intolerable shame! Father left us, and it was absolute nightmare to me, it… Now he regrets; now they Узники славы - страница 9 both regret! My mother regrets that she did not recognize me for what I was, and your mother regrets. Puzzled by their conundrums and setbacks, they did not recognized us , and Vysotsky also is victim Узники славы - страница 9 of his parents’ terrible despotism. At that time we were aka their private properties. They, in general… we were used as some rub out material. I had mercy on my mother Узники славы - страница 9 in the film7. We were tossed into life as fishes from ocean onto the shores, and it started our convulsions on the sandy grounds.

АТ: — Now, here, I am thankful Узники славы - страница 9 to Andron8 for collaboration on the Rublev’s screenplay. His input was significant. Without him I would be again carried away like some feather flying high in the sky. He was the grounding force Узники славы - страница 9, and without him nothing would ever happen. He took care of me and he protected me when I was going to lose my mind when they banned it all9 , he literally chaperoned Узники славы - страница 9 me through these bad times. But I forgot it and started to aggrandize my part in creating this film, and now, in this world, it causes me pain. Please, write about it Узники славы - страница 9, write that I repent and confess, getting it out of my chest. I accept with gratitude his role in creation of that film.

АТ: — You cannot imagine how precious and important Узники славы - страница 9 it was that you showed this film to your spirit guide. I was nervous, I was not sure will he accept the film, will he identify himself with monks who are roaming Узники славы - страница 9 across the Medieval Russia on the screen, but he did it entirely. I peeped when he watched the film and you retold me it exactly as it happened. Thank him for me one more Узники славы - страница 9 time.

Т: — I can hear, my guide is sending you a greeting. He confirms that movie “Andrei Rublev” is a success and a miracle of cinematography. He says that the same Узники славы - страница 9 day he happened to watch Ingmar Bergman’s “Fanny & Alexander” and your film is way greater, because it tuned into pain of entire nation. But Bergman’s contraposition of life Узники славы - страница 9 loving epicureanism and life hating Lutheran fanatical puritanism is too flat and obvious.

АТ: — Let’s finish the talk about ice mountains. I will not be a sheep herder any more. I Узники славы - страница 9 want to master the world of electrical sounds, I have to melt the ice mountains, to balance them, but how?

Т: — How?

АТ: — Amidst the souls with whom you have worked Cary Grant and Bette Узники славы - страница 9 Davis are my exemplary role models. But I do not know where to start. I have never backed off from hard work. Since my childhood, I was used to do everything Узники славы - страница 9 myself. However, long time I was not able to overcome artificial barriers built by Russian servility what sits deep in us.

I asked your guide to talk to my guardian angels, and Узники славы - страница 9 they returned me a list of services participation in which may balance the coldness of my ice walls. I was advised to work together with Erich von Stroheim10. I have been offered a Узники славы - страница 9 task to systematize the world cinema production and find right places for unknown geniuses in so-called Akashick Records. I tried to contact Stroheim. Did you saw his “Greed”?

Т: — Yes Узники славы - страница 9, I did. It is hard to believe, that this film was done in year 1924, film was so much ahead of his time.

АТ: — … In new countries on the world map, there Узники славы - страница 9 are many talented and completely unknown directors. It is important to introduce their names and bring them into limelight and give them future in cinematography. In other words, I have to develop Узники славы - страница 9 compassion toward them , and there are so many who deserve to be promoted. I have always paved the road to myself. Now I am called to create some order in film classification, because Узники славы - страница 9 in film, there is always a disarray, the film tapes are perishing, the preservation of deserving films has to be started. I think, I will pick up the task.

АТ: — When I Узники славы - страница 9 accomplish something, I will be my pleasure to come again and talk. But now I can see it is time for you to rest. It is enough for today. 30 or Узники славы - страница 9 40 minute meditation, try not to skip a single day. Go into meditation right away, and you will get back everything what was spent right now. This is the only way how you can Узники славы - страница 9 finish your work.

1 Marina Vladi is a French actress, Vladimir Vysotsky’s wife.

2 … hospice bills -- In 1984 Andrei Tarkovsky announced on a press conference in Italy where he filmed “Nostalgia” that he will not return Узники славы - страница 9 to the Soviet Union. In 1985, while filming his last film “Sacrifice” in Sweden, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He was not able to attend Cannes Film Fesival where Узники славы - страница 9 “Sacrifice” won Grand Prix Special du Juri and two more awards. In 1986 Andrei Tarkovski died in Paris, France. Marina Vladi helped to foot the bills of a Russian director who was Узники славы - страница 9 at the beginning of the new life at west.

(Эрик фон Штрогейм — один из крунейших режиссеров немого кино, новатор и создатель современного киноязыка. — Т.)  

Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

Jesse, Elvis’ Stillborn Brother: “I came down to earth Узники славы - страница 9 through Gladys with Elvis only to establish a channel. It was supposed to create a solid and lasting connection with our world for Elvis, and it did! Elvis needed Узники славы - страница 9 it for his mission to heal through singing. Here I prepared the way for Elvis healer’s career in his future incarnation. Now he still wants to sing, but he has to Узники славы - страница 9 go as a healer. Nevertheless, he wants to sing, so he will probably get his way. But it will be a short life again. When he is ready to grow old, then Узники славы - страница 9 he will be born as a healer, a surgeon.”

Many seers have confirmed that in his afterlife, Elvis Presley healed OD people during decades. Wanting to become an opera singer, he had to Узники славы - страница 9 cleanse his mental body from destructive thought forms as much as possible. Sincere service of others was the fastest way to reach this goal — this time around start schooling and training Узники славы - страница 9 his voice for becoming a singer “who will show what a human voice can do.”

Church in My Name

Has to Be Stopped and Finished

Tanika: The reason why Elvis Presley was looking for an impartial medium Узники славы - страница 9 was obvious. Among some of his fans there spread a belief that he was a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Some people saw his devotion to gospel music as a Узники славы - страница 9 proof of this weird assumption. This seemed to upset Elvis a great deal, and he wanted to get the word out that he was not an incarnation of Jesus. He pleaded passionately for stopping praying Узники славы - страница 9 in his name. He was looking for a medium who would pass this message into some kind of media without any personal attitude. As the circumstances of his life Узники славы - страница 9 were well known in the United States, it was hard to find such a neutral channel. I came from the Soviet Union where Elvis Presley was not widely known. Here in the United Узники славы - страница 9 States, I was too busy with my own adjustment problems to become anybody’s fan. In this case, perhaps, I was a rare find! I received the following messages from Elvis Presley in 1999, when Узники славы - страница 9 I was marketing my first book Death the Beginning, in English. I believe that, unfortunately, some of the earlier messages were lost. It took some time to comprehend who was talking to Узники славы - страница 9 me, and why. These are the first messages from Elvis that were saved to my computer. The earliest message was dated on June 19, 1999.

Elvis Presley: — There is no need to Узники славы - страница 9 hide sympathy toward me; not knowing the music doesn’t matter really. What matters is the ability to hear me; there are not many people who have it.

T: — I know that you Узники славы - страница 9 worked with a good medium. I believe her name was Dorothy Sherry. (Hans Holtzer, Elvis Speaks From the Beyond, Gramercy Books, New York, 1999.)

EP: — She is fine and she is with me Узники славы - страница 9 already. I would like to continue, if it works out here, on a different level of talking about things that happened to me during my difficult stay on earth.

T Узники славы - страница 9: — How can I help?

EP: — I would like to ask people to stop praying in my name… Praying in my name has to be stopped and finished. With James Dean is the same Узники славы - страница 9 story; it is hard on us in our present condition. It has to be stopped. God is to pray to, not to us, the sinners and crowd pleasers. I sang “Love Узники славы - страница 9 Me Tender” for God’s sake! The prayers to me do not let me rest. Every time someone loves me or is praying to me — drives me back; I cannot stand it anymore Узники славы - страница 9. They have to let me go. It is my time; it is time for me to go. I am unhappy with all the ropes they attach to my name. I did not Узники славы - страница 9 deserve this, and I did not deserve to stay this low. No one deserves to stay so low. Your cat will be better off after death. Please, include this in your Узники славы - страница 9 writing. Please, publish it and let it go to people.

T: I posted this spirit message on my website and tried to contact the Graceland administration to give them information about where they Узники славы - страница 9 could find these messages. They were not interested! I also called the president of a Los Angeles fan club, asking her to take a look at the spirit messages from Elvis. The Узники славы - страница 9 president gladly accepted her club membership fees but was too busy to read Presley’s spirit messages. It did not took an eon to comprehend that people who make their living Узники славы - страница 9 or fulfill their ambitions on a star’s legacy, need “their” star dead, not alive. A dead star is a serious business, indeed!

Top-Earning Dead Celebrities according to Forbs magazine, August 2002

Rank Name Earnings Узники славы - страница 9 ($mil)

1 Elvis Presley


2 Charles Schulz


3 John Lennon


4 Dale Earnhardt


5 Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel


6 George Harrison


7 J.R.R. Tolkien


8 Bob Marley


9 Jimi Hendrix


10 Tupac Shakur


11 Marilyn Monroe


12 Jerry Garcia


13 Robert Ludlum


25 years Узники славы - страница 9 after his death Elvis Presley was still the most earning dead celebrity!

At the turn of the millennium, while organizing my office I looked through Elvis’ files and thought, “Almighty, save me Узники славы - страница 9 from any further contacts with Elvis Presley’s guardians.” I tossed my unfinished manuscript with Presley’s spirit messages into a storage box, and hid it from the view in Узники славы - страница 9 my garage, letting ‘new arrivals’ bury those messages underneath the clutter that accumulates in nearly every garage in America. …A quick search on the Amazon.com will tell anyone who dares marketing a 151st Узники славы - страница 9 book about the King that it would not be the easiest task on earth! To stop accepting spirit messages seemed like the only rational thing to do; nevertheless, my communication Узники славы - страница 9 with Presley continued. Delivered in a clear voice, at times short of temper, his messages urged me to go on.

Ironically, my lack of any commercial agenda kept the communication with Узники славы - страница 9 otherworldly Presley open and honest. I did my best to write down what I heard, despite my language limitations, and surrendered the rest to the Divine! Here come the messages that were Узники славы - страница 9 ignored by both Graceland and the Los Angeles Fan Club.

Bring Back the Boys

The war in Kosovo was in full gear!

EP: — Bring back the boys, bring them back alive; don’t let it happen Узники славы - страница 9… I would sing it now, because they want war. I would sing, “Bring back the boys…” I was not in World War II, but I was in there after Узники славы - страница 9 World War II had divided Germany, and somehow I took it in — the pain and bloodshed and terror from the ruins of a once blos¬soming country. On this side I am singing, “Bring them Узники славы - страница 9 back,” because nothing else counts right now.

I don’t see any sense in anything else. There are no songs or life — one without the other, as life is a Узники славы - страница 9 song. I was there on earth for them, and I was melting away, slipping away one day when they wanted too much of me. I was eating too much, drinking too much Узники славы - страница 9, loving too much; I did too much of everything.

I couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. I wanted to go home into freedom. I wanted to be free, to go home Узники славы - страница 9… home… home. I loved too much, and they loved me in return. It was a sea of love, every concert… At every concert we created an ocean of love and it was spread around Узники славы - страница 9. Lennon did the same; you have to write about it. We spread energy: the waves of love were poured onto greedy, rushing, empty people. We poured and poured, and they killed, killed, and Узники славы - страница 9 killed us, but we continued until it changed.

T: — What really changed?

EP: — We cleansed as long as we could do it this way, with our songs and fan clubs Узники славы - страница 9. Fans created a tremendous energy. It cleansed America, but when the heavens grew foggier and foggier, we couldn’t do it anymore, we went out. Every one of us went out in his or Узники славы - страница 9 her way… This is why they created my religion. You saw the picture where they substituted Jesus’ face with mine. I and Jesus! Me instead of God’s Son, Jesus! I Узники славы - страница 9 am not Jesus — I ate French fries! Like we say, Universal Mind worked through me. I was connected, and I allowed it to come through as long as my body could Узники славы - страница 9 stand the pressure. Love was sent through me to earth; this is why they thought I was like Jesus, because my songs brought love to them.

I sing again, “Take the Узники славы - страница 9 boys back; take the boys back, nothing else matters.” Today I would sing no other songs… My time was up on earth. If I had stayed longer, I would have been put Узники славы - страница 9 in jail — in a real jail and for a long, long time. This is why they do not allow me to come down now. My time was at the beginning of the Узники славы - страница 9 high-tech revolution.

T: — Why would you be jailed today?

EP: — Don’t torture me with this… for being under the influence most of the time, and for tax evasion. My manager was Узники славы - страница 9 supposed to take care of the books, but he didn’t, and the books were in such a condition that the IRS could get me any time they wanted. At that Узники славы - страница 9 time, back in the early 70’s, my name protected me, but today it wouldn’t.